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Are you having trouble with your toenails growing out of the norm? Are your toenails yellow and chipped? You can talk to Dr. Edmond Lee at Arcadia Foot & Wound Center about our state-of-the-art laser toenail treatments. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

$150.00 for 1st nail!

$50.00 for each additional nail!

$249.00 for 1-foot!

$399.00 for 2 feet!


You will love the fact that there aren’t any side effects that will endanger your health with our laser toenail treatment procedures. We will pinpoint only the spots that need treating and provide you with the relief you deserve. 80% of patients that have had only one session end up with fungus-free toenails for a full year!

Easy and fast treatment

- Fast and effective treatment

- No messy creams, prescriptions or

   topical ointments

- Freedom to wear whatever shoes you want

- Treatment takes only 1-hour and there

   is no recovery time


Reasons to choose our treatment

Laser toenail treatments can take away the pain and discomfort you are feeling and restore your toenails to how they are supposed to look. Sound too good to be true? It’s true, we can help!

Do you want to get your toenails back to normal again?

Laser toenail treatment can help you!


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price in both print and internet.